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The Sweet Drive is an easy to use multi-stage overdrive pedal with class-A boost that comes before the overdrive. The adjustment settings are controlled by an intelligent microprocessor, but the signal path is all very high-quality analog. Sweet Drive allows for a massive array of adjustment options, allowing you to achieve just the right amount of drive to fine-tune your sound and find the perfect sweet spot.

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An Overdrive Pedal Abounding with Options

The Sweet Drive is an easy to use, multi-stage, transparent overdrive pedal that crams 32 overdrive/tone combinations into a single box. The overdrive/tone combinations are controlled by a microprocessor for unparalleled flexibility, while the signal path is all high-quality analog.

Sweet Drive is true bypass and produces dynamic, amp-like response. It can stand alone as a warm, class-A clean boost with dual-band EQ, be driven hard for a nitty-gritty crunch, or adjusted to produce any sweet shade in between.





4 reviews for Sweet Drive Pedal

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pat Garrett

    This pedal is “SWEEEEEET!!!!”…………….. (from our band leader after 1st time using it).

    I play at a Mega Church in the Chicago-land area for some years now; contemporary Christian Music. We have a huge list of songs and leverage a lot of technology within our venue.

    We almost always lead off with about 20 to 30 minutes of music – some which is really high octane and some is (of course) down and delicate.
    This pedal can do it all. It allows for a seamless overdrive transitions from a clean setting. Quick and smooth with no distractions which is very important in the P&W setting.

    My Personal Gear used:
    – White Falcon Model 6122 Gretsch double cutaway
    – Bugera V22 Amp (mic’d off stage) set cleaner (use the same amp at home for consistency)
    – Pedal board
    Venue is about 900+ seats

    Many have heard (about 6,000 live over the past month), with a bunch of favorable comments from band members as well as the audience.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert K

    This thing is incredible!!
    When this pedal first arrived I had a series of gigs to do while my main amp was in the shop! Without my sweet, sweet amp to get the dynamics just right and full spectrum of tone, I was bummed to say the least. Well it seemed a Godsend that this pedal arrived when it did because it truly made me a happy camper. Trying it out with a couple of my other amps and performing on various backlines- this Sweet Drive allowed me to tailor any combination of amp/guitar to get that dynamic, beautifully sensitive, full-range tone that I crave so much! From a Tele to a 335, the Sweet Drive allowed me to make subtle adjustment necessary to be in that prime, sweet spot.

    Whether I use it as a transparent drive (that’s almost always on), a boost to push the amp a little (which is golden!), or as a rock solid all out (vintage) full overdrive sound, this pedal honestly handles itself extremely well.
    … Note, also impressed how BIG of a hard-hitting OD it can get, which is now a secret weapon at hand to do so when called.

    Two Cautions when using this pedal- It can get loud! Both in general and when switching between the component and clipping variations (meaning one mode can be louder than another). The other heads up is that this pedal uses a lot more juice than one might expect. With a typical pedalboard power supply, you’ll be just fine. However, if you want to batteries then this thing runs flat out, so to speak, and can eat ‘em up.

    My only criticism with this pedal is the fact that it’s larger than the typical OD pedal. I’ve got a large, very dense pedalboard & space is… well, nonexistent. Also, the center blue light flashes when on bypass which is a somewhat unusual choice.

    Very happy with it! Check it out.
    Stage 1- Blue is my favorite.
    Stage 2- Red is “ballz to the wallz.”
    And without any clipping stage(s) selected is another favorite. More like a tone/EQ adjustment while driving the Amp harder. Very transparent.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Johnny Five

    I own some fine guitars and run my amps clean as I need a clean tone to build upon. My issue with overdrive pedals is that they do not keep the character of the instrument and as such I have been searching for a low to medium gain “transparent” unit. There are some better ones out there but most are really only a “one trick pony”. The Sweet Drive allows me to dial in just the exact amount of overdrive I need without stepping on my instrument. There are many tones to choose from and while some offer a subtle difference from another depending on the gain settings, this really helps to get it just right. I also like the “all lights off” (no overdrive or boost- just gain and EQ) to drive the input of a tube amp front end harder. The pedal blinks one blue LED slowly in the bypass mode to tell you it is plugged in, powered and ready to rock. Cool! I really like this new pedal and opened it up to take a look inside…Nicely built and made in the USA! Also comes with a battery! My friends want one!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris Evans

    It’s really a crime that this pedal hasn’t exploded in popularity. SO many options/variations of gain available, yet still retains that mild overdrive sound no matter what. If you’re looking for waves of gain, however, I’ll happily inform you that this thing stacks well with nearly ANY other drive to create very rich, harmonic driven overdrive tones. I love this pedal so much, and it will always have a place on my board. I prefer to use it in “green” mode on stage 1, while stage two stays in it’s original state (LED OFF), all while engaging the boost but leaving the feature’s volume knob at 0. Something about this method gives your amp just a little extra “mmph”. The pedal is sweet indeed, and I highly recommend giving it a try.

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