Mix Your Direct & Compressed Sound.

Get The Ultimate Smooth Tone.

Add a professional sheen to your tone with the new Freeway V2 Compressor from Gearbox Audio. This uncommon design is very natural and quiet while delivering a precise blend of compressed and direct sound to enhance your playing dynamics. Add this “leave it on all the time” pedal to your rig and get on the Freeway to better tone!


Smooth Sound in a Better Box

The Freeway’ extensive flexibility is harnessed in a stylish package that’s both sexy and practical. The controls are carefully tuned to allow dynamic expression, allowing you to quickly and easily dial in your unique tone while adding flair to your board. As an added bonus, a micro-controlled “soft” stomp-switch passes audio through a precision relay keeping your quality tone intact while the switch takes foot punishments.

Microprocessor Control.

Pure Analog Sound.

No matter how flexible or innovative, a pedal is only worth its salt if the sound is sweet. Freeway is controlled by a microprocessor, but the signal path is all high-quality analog and is of course, true bypass. Add in an active tone control and all in all, compression has never sounded better.

Specs and Such

  • New uncommon circuit design is very smooth, quiet, and natural.
  • Blend control allows blending the direct sound with the compressed sound for adding a professional smooth tone to your rig while maintaining your dynamics.
  • Active Tone control adds high-end “sheen” for those darker pickups.
  • Adjustable Attack control for setting the perfect initial compression action.
  • “Soft” stomp switch with no “click”- Precision relay control-Audio does not pass through the switch keeping your tone intact.
  • LED for easy pedal status.
  • True Bypass.
  • Compact footprint.
  • +9VDC Battery or external center-negative DC input – Includes a battery!