About Us

Gearbox Audio is a boutique manufacturer of floor effects pedals based near Chicago. Our team is anchored by a small assembly of guitar and bass players (who also happen to be designers and engineers), brought together by a passion for quality gear and a constant desire to find the perfect tone. In short, we build the kind of pedals we’ve always wanted to use.

Our primary goal is to put out products that sound great with any setup—they can bring the perfect tone to basic, solid-state amps and entry-level instruments, or add dynamic new layers to a high-end rig.

Our design and construction choices are all made with this goal in mind: we use multi-layer, noise-reducing circuit boards, hybrid circuitry with high-quality components (like film capacitors, low noise discrete transistors, Audiophile OP-Amps, metal film resistors), polycarbonate graphic overlays that do not scratch or wear easily (in contrast to simple silk-screening), solid-machined aluminum knobs, and loads of other good stuff. Every product is individually hand-assembled and tested.