Close Doesn’t Cut It.

Get Exactly the Sound You Want.

If your ear operates in subtle shades of sound, the new Sweet Drive from Gearbox Audio was designed with you in mind. This extremely flexible, multi-stage, transparent overdrive pedal crams 32 overdrive/tone combinations into a single box, delivering microprocessor control with high-quality, all-analog sound. Add it to your rig and run the spectrum from warm, class-A clean boost to nitty-gritty crunch—and any sweet shade in between.


Big Sound in a Better Box

The Sweet Drive’s unparalleled flexibility is harnessed in a stylish package that’s both sexy and practical. Its dual primary and secondary selectable clipping/overdrive stages are expressed through 3 multi-color LEDs, allowing you to quickly and easily identify pedal status while adding a useful bit of flair to your board. As an added bonus, Sweet Drive remembers your switch settings on power down, eliminating the need to reconfigure every time you pull the plug.

Microprocessor Flexibility.

Analog Sound.

No matter how flexible or innovative, a pedal is only worth its salt if the sound is sweet. Sweet Drive’s overdrive/tone combinations are controlled by a microprocessor, but the signal path is all high-quality analog. Sweet Drive always produces dynamic, amp-like response, and is, of course, true bypass. It can stand alone as a warm, class-A clean boost with dual-band EQ, or be driven hard with selectable overdrive types and infinitely-variable adjustments. All in all, overdrive has never sounded better.

The Gearmanndude calls it “CRAZY VERSATILE!”

See for yourself….

Specs and Such

  • Extremely flexible multi-stage transparent overdrive.
  • Microprocessor-control of up to 32 different overdrive/tone combinations!
  • 3 multi-color LED’s for quick and easy pedal status.
  • Memory remembers your switch settings on power-off.
  • High quality, all-analog signal path.
  • Dual primary and secondary selectable clipping/overdrive stages.
  • Can function as a Class A clean boost with gain adjust and dual-band EQ
  • Selectable gain-stage routing with infinitely variable adjustment.
  • Adjustable-gain, class-A, low-noise input boost circuit used in conjunction with the clipping amp for warm and clear clean boost all the way to crunch with many sweet shades in-between!
  • Dynamic, amp-like response.
  • Musical bass and treble controls available in all modes.
  • High-quality components for superior audio.
  • True Bypass.
  • +9VDC Battery or external center-negative DC input – low ma draw.
  • Compact footprint.